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Gallery “Na Shabolovke”
The gallery presents a line of conceptual gifts, original jewelry, constructivist toys for children, designer souvenirs related to the subject of exhibitions. 

Gallery “Belyaevo”
In the art salon, painting, graphics, batik, author's products from ceramics, jewelry are represented. All works are performed by professional Russian and foreign artists. We offer only real works of art created by the hands of masters in a single copy. There is a department of goods for artists, where you can buy brushes, paints, canvases in the salon.

Gallery “Vykhino”
The souvenir shop offers designer hand-made jewelry and postcards.

Gallery “Nagornaya”
The art salon specializes in art of artists of the second half of the XX century and the beginning of the XXI century, classics of the Soviet Union period, nonconformist artists, artists of the left Moscow Union of artist, and also in applied art.  The collection also presents the modern art of Russian and foreign authors. You can choose any work from the set of trends and genres presented in the gallery's exposition and on the website. There is a wide range of prices in the art salon. It is possible to buy a painting by genre - landscape, portrait, nude, still life, animalistic, genre painting. Experienced arts critic will help to decide on the theme, color and style of execution, select several paintings suitable for a particular interior, help you to choose a gift for friends or business partners. Catalog of the proposed works is constantly replenished and updated. Orders for performing art works of any complexity are taken.

Gallery “Bogorodskoye”
You can buy souvenirs, author's stickers, badges and sketchbooks in gallery.

Gallery “Izmailovo”
The store offers a wide selection of scientific toys and a variety of souvenirs.

Gallery “Electromuseum in Rostokino”
We have a lot of different vinyl and acrylic magnets. Straight from “Aromat”, like from the oven and…«The Art News Paper»!