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Exhibition “Game junction”

On July 1 the gallery “Khodynka” of Moscow City Galleries Network will present the exhibition “Game junction”, exploring the visual, conceptual and physical embodiment of a video game as an exhibition object. The exhibition will last until August 22. 

Visitors will be invited to immerse themselves in the digital space of artistic video games – a relatively new form of artistic expression, which has lost its purely entertainment function. The video games presented at the exhibition are deeply immersive and performative - they create the effect of presence and immersion - as well as a wide range of freedom of action with each new entry into the digital space. As a result, the viewer manages to live his unique experience in the game universe and share authorship with the developer and the artist. 

The exhibition features works by over 20 artists and game developers from Russia, the USA, France, the Netherlands and Croatia. In the space of the gallery, video games coexist with interactive installations and tactile objects. Thus, the interface and interaction with video games occurs not only through the perception of the game as a speculative digital object, but also through tactile communication with the space and the presented works of art. 

Artists: Ilya Mazo and Alexander Ignatov (sad3d), KRAI. DIGITAL-POETRY, Pavel Seldemirov, Laura Rodríguez and Ethan Avila, Victoria Volokitina and Leonid Gremyachikh, Elena Vlasova, Dmitry Kavka, Yulia Kozhemyako (supr), Gaël Bourhis, Anna Rotaenko, Jordy Veenstra, Carson Lynn, Eduard Atlas Tucakovich, Stain, INGAME Community, Ilya Rodin. 

Curator: Anna Kozlova 

Gallery Manager: Ekaterina Fominykh-Kapitsa 

Art manager: Nadezhda Koroleva 

Producer: Natalia Kur 

Curator of the gallery: Elena Kovylina 

Supported by: KurFutureLab and EverArtWeekend 

Coordinator: Yana Shulgina 

Opening: July 1 at 19:00 

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