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Exhibition “Cartoonworld”

On July 2, 2021, the opening of the exhibition “Cartoonworld” will take place in the gallery “Pechatniki” of Moscow City Galleries Network. 

The gallery “Pechatniki” of Moscow City Galleries Network together with the Moscow “Theatrical Artistic and Technical College” will present the exhibition “Cartoonworld”. 

“Cartoonworld” is a world of fantasies and dreams of young authors. At this exhibition, you can learn how fairy-tale animated stories are born, and fictional characters come to life. 

The exposition will include more than twenty author's short cartoons on various topics, made exclusively by the students of the College of the “Animation” department. ach cartoon will be presented with a unique material, usually hidden from the viewer's eyes, in the form of backgrounds, storyboards, sketches and phasing. It will show what professional tools the author used when creating his cartoons and what you need to know and be able to do to create your own unique and amazing Cartoonworld. 

The uniqueness and relevance of the project is to visually introduce the viewer to all the main stages of creating a cartoon: from the development of concepts and ideas to the final version of an animated film, to demonstrate that success depends on the aspirations and fantasies of the author himself, as well as on his professionalism.

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Exhibition “Cartoonworld”
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02 july 2021 —
26 september 2021
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