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Exhibition "Russian Binary Code 2020"

On February 12, the gallery “Bogorodskoye” of the Moscow City Galleries Network opens the exhibition “Russian Binary Code 2020.

Cultural self-identification, a deep and interesting topic for research, was chosen as the main focus in the work of the gallery “Bogorodskoye in 2021. The decision to select exhibitions that raise characteristic for Russian issues is, on the one hand, a reaction to world globalization and a desire to preserve their unique cultural features. On the other hand, it is the need to stop sometimes, to look back at your past in order to assess the present and to think about the future.

“Russian Binary Code 2020” is the first exhibition of the coming year. It is based on objects that touch on the concept of things, images and situations that are symbolic for Russia. The viewer will see art objects by Konstantin Gladkov from traditional Russian counting frames and birch bark, feel the atmosphere of different places in the country and watch video documentation of the preparation of art objects. The video documentation of Igor Tereshkov's performance entitled "Mental Arshin" will allow the viewer to look at himself with a critical eye. The project "Russian Binary Code 2020" is a starting point that will outline the general picture of our time to the visitor.

The artists of the exhibition are Konstantin Gladkov (art objects and video documentation), Igor Tereshkov (video documentation of the performance and the object).

The exhibition will open on February 12 at 18:00 

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Exhibition "Russian Binary Code 2020"
Reaction to world globalization and a desire to preserve their unique cultural features
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